Internet advertising on Google shows your potential customers that you are a legitimate operation that takes its business seriously.

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1. Support For Other Advertising: Internet advertising works great with other forms of promotion. Got a special event coming up? Put it on the net. Too much to say that won’t fit in your Yellow Pages ad? Hard Stats indicate that the majority of advertisers with Yellow Pages have either moved to Google advertising or are complementing their marketing campaigns with Google Search Engine Placement. In addition as of January 2008 all major hotels across North America, have discontinued provided Yellow Pages for their guests, as Business Centers and Guest Laptops, have proven to be a more reliable form of Search. An Internet presence is the quickest and most cost-effective way to pick up where other advertising leaves off.

2. Stand-Alone Advertising: Accepting the above, one should not underestimate the power of Google as a stand-alone advertising medium to sell their products or services or promote their organization or ideas. Google is experiencing explosive growth. With over 50 million worldwide customers, and growing every day, it is not unreasonable to expect the majority of US households to have access within the next two years. Even small mom ‘n’ pop companies with local walk-in traffic have a legitimate place on the Internet. The growth of local Internet "malls" is moving the concept of shopping in a new direction. People now have the ability to place grocery orders, print coupons, and check out products, services, special offers, features, advantages, locations, hours, prices and more in the comfort of their homes using their personal computers. Don’t wait for your competition to get ahead of you. Call us and get on the net today!

3. Image: Internet advertising on Google shows your potential customers that you are a legitimate operation that takes its business seriously. Even if they never see your website, an address on the World Wide Web stands out in other literature as testimony of your commitment to your business, your product or service, and your reputation; and it shows that you care enough to reach all markets and keep your customers informed. More importantly, You can make your business look much bigger than it really is, and compete head to head against the big players.

4. Cost: Advertising on the Google is the most cost-effective form of advertising available. Because of its electronic nature, there are virtually no costs associated with paper, ink, printing, postage, or delivery (as in print media), code compliance, construction materials or laborers (as in display), or antennas, repeaters, and satellites (as in broadcast). And the costs that do exist (personnel, equipment, office space, etc.) are shared by the other media as well. In short, the overhead is greatly reduced and Google Placement Providers like Position Your Site inc. generally pass on this savings to their customers. In these times of rising paper costs and tight budgets, Internet advertising provides a sensible way to build a marketing plan that is versatile, expandable and interactive. In a cost comparison with direct mail, display, broadcast, and print media, Internet advertising wins hands-down, giving you the most bang for the buck of any promotional endeavor. For a fraction of the cost of a small classified ad in a local paper, you can run a "full page" color display ad to a worldwide audience on the Internet.

5. Versatile and Interactive: To change your ad in a newspaper you will have to wait at least until the next issue comes out before the change will take effect. For a billboard or magazine, it’ll take a month. And for the phone book you will have to wait an entire year. On the other hand, Google Advertising changes can be made almost instantaneously through the file transfer protocol (ftp) used by us. The Internet is the first medium that is truly interactive and allows your customers to become participants in the promotion. Anyone who understands sales dynamics knows that the more you can get your prospects involved, the better.

6. Accessibility: With Google advertising, customers can do their comparison or interest shopping when they want to, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That’s right. Your advertising will be working for you all the time—while you work and while you sleep. And your customers can bookmark your site for future returns. Finally, a last minute search for information before buying is only a couple of keystrokes away. Try that with a TV spot.

7. Targeted Marketing: It is true that the majority of computer users are white males between the ages of 20 and 45 with above average incomes. But while the numbers are changing to reflect more diverse demographics with regard to gender and race, the fact remains that most people with money have computers, and most people with computers have money. Obviously, this is a pretty generalized statement, but so are most other forms of targeted marketing. That’s why Position Your Site inc. goes even further to target your audience to people searching for your good and services.

8. Competitive Marketing: If your competition is already on the Internet, you need to be there, too. If they are not, you need to get there first, because soon almost everyone will be looking to the Web for information on the products and services they need and use everyday.

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