Google becomes the first $100bn brand

David Neal, 30 Apr 2009

Google has become the first $100bn (£67bn) brand, according to a new report from research and marketing firm Millward Brown Optimor.

The company’s latest BrandZ: Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands (PDF) places Google firmly at the top of the tree.

The rankings are created through an analysis of the dollar value of a brand, combined with research on consumer practices. Google is followed by Microsoft, with a $76bn (£51bn) value, and Coca-Cola with $67bn (£45bn).

“In the current environment, where the value of many businesses has fallen, brand has become even more important because it can help to sustain companies in tough times,” said Joanna Seddon, chief executive at Millward Brown Optimor.

“Those who continue to invest in their brand will be better positioned for business growth as the economic situation starts to improve than those who have cut spend.”

Other technology firms in the top 10 include IBM in fourth place, Apple in sixth place and General Electric in eighth place. Vodafone made it into the top 10 for the first time, largely on the back of its wireless networking business.

“It is a fantastic achievement to be one of the most valuable brands in the world, and we congratulate all brands that are featured in this ranking,” said Eileen Campbell, global chief executive at Millward Brown Optimor.

“At a time when marketing spend is under greater scrutiny than ever, this ranking is a way for marketers to identify the value that their brand is creating for the business.”


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