Google Adwords Campaigns

Google Adwords can be a great way to position your brand effectively, capture new and returning clients, and advertise without large up-front costs.

How much does it cost?

  1. Demonstration is 100% free. We can put you at the top to show you the “Look and Feel” before you buy.
  2. Most local businesses do not spend more than $2000/month: this is the most cost-effective advertising with much higher ROI than newspapers or printed business directories.

This is because your ads are placed in front of people actively searching for your product or service. Start as low as $300/month by scheduling a free dem: fill the short form to begin:

How PPC Unlimited Service Works:

  • We create a keyword package
    (list of keyphrases your potential customers are most likely to type in Google to find your website)
  • Our marketing experts create and run the campaign on Google
    based on the list of keyphrases and location preference: you can advertise nationwide, target state(s) or city of your choice.
  • Don’t pay per click – just FLAT rate monthly fee:
    with our “PPC Unlimited” package you get peace of mind, knowing that your website is on top of 1st page of Google during the whole month, from day to night and new business keeps rolling in!
  • Track your performance with Monthly Reports.

How much does PPC “Unlimited” service cost?

We do not charge any set up fees for PPC Unlimited campaign deveopment, ad copywriting and setup.

PPC Unlimited service is designed for companies with low budgets that are just starting to advertise online and have a budget from $500 to $1500 per month. The price is based on the keyword popularity (how often keywords are searched monthly) and geographical targeting.

Example: if you want to target every person in the United States that is looking for “plumbing supplies” on Google, it might be THOUSAND times more expensive than if you were targeting a small city. Just like advertising in newspapers, price depends on competitiveness and audience reach. At the same time advertising on Google is much more cost-effective: many advertisers see returns of 500% and higher.

Our advertising experts will work with you to design a keyword package that will fit your budget and deliver maximum amount of potential customers to your website.

You may request to change keywords in the package once a month to increase or decrease your budget. If you need daily/weekly changes to your keywords and/or budget, then you need PPC Management  that is much more flexible and is based on optimizing your campaign to reach certain goals: lowering cost per completed contact form on your website (also called “conversion”) or reaching sales volume of $XX,XXX.

PPC Management involves constant tweaking, adding or removing keywords in advertising campaign on a constant basis and designed for advertisers with monthy budgets of $1500 and more.

Not sure which service is right for you? Contact us for your free consultation and we will gladly answer all your questions!