The Team

Our team is trustworthy and enforces the high standards of customer service and reliability Position Your Site Designs has been known for.

Meet Our Team

Coby Elimelech (Client Relations)

Coby was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Coby Has been professionally managing Google Advertising accounts since 2003. He has been qualified as a certified Google Professional, and has a …


Karl Delgadillo (Web Designer)

I design and implement custom WordPress themes for blogs or websites using WordPress as CMS. I am a WordPress Designer and Developer and Social Network specialist.

Mrs. Sarah Hook

Sarah has been with PYS since early 2006. Sarah has been directly involved in managing our corporate division. She interacts with clients on a day to day basis bringing them …


Mrs. Meilany Wijaya

Meilany is registered chartered accountant and has been on our team since February 2008. Meilany,  she has graduated from York University with a BA in Business and Marketing.